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The simple cat, lying on my keyboard

Just erased a poem by Shelley,

About to be shared

With old friends.

Yet, touching the head of my cat,

With its deep-pooled eyes, soft fur

And vibrating purr,

I feel all the beauty of poetry,

In my hands.


I’ve finally created a blog, after some years of driving my friends and contacts crazy with emails espousing my views on public relations, the news media, the archaic Electoral College, conservation, travel, all things McDonald’s, local and national politics and policy, and anything else that attracts my attention, however briefly.

The Apple Pressings blog name derives from where I most often write, our Wisconsin retreat that Vicki and I call Applewood Lodge, mostly because the front half of our property is a very antique random apple orchard, and the back part is an even more antique oak forest. In good years, we drag out the wooden apple press I assembled several years ago, and make a fine cider from the varied apple types from more than 200 mature trees. Those pressings, like the ones hopefully to come in this blog, result in a rich blend of flavors that can be very satisfying. Enjoy this written cider!

For openers, if you want to see my copyrighted essays on topics ranging from a historic appreciation of french fries, to issues of big game conservation and tourism in Kenya, to Samuel Johnson and his clubable friends of the first Literary Club in London, to the problem and solutions for the outdated Electoral College system for electing our presidents, to the reconciliation of Dick McDonald with the company he gave his name to, visit, the website of the Chicago Literary Club, and click on my name under the “Roster of members” to download any you wish to peruse.

November 2009

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