I chose to retire on the cusp of the Millennium, affirming that working for a living in one century was enough, and that I wouldn’t make that mistake again. While I wasn’t serious about the working part (I loved my job), I was serious about the retirement, and I don’t regret my decision one bit. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the free time to enjoy life and nature, and indulge my short attention span through many activities. I’ve done some good work with not-for-profit organizations, enjoyed doing some teaching and creating a student awards program in my field. My wife and I have much more time together, and have had some grand travels. I have time for study and writing, and for supporting some causes that stir passion. We enjoy life with our loving cats, seeing good new and old friends, living our urban life in Chicago and our country life in Wisconsin. All I can hope for in the decades ahead is more of the same.