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Morgan Freeman Replaces Cronkite as CBS Announcer

The New York Times

Morgan Freeman
CBS News is retiring Walter Cronkite‘s voice, nearly six months after the esteemed anchorman died. Beginning Monday, the actor Morgan Freeman will read the introduction to the “CBS Evening News.”

Listen to the audio of Mr. Freeman’s introduction here.

When Mr. Cronkite died in July, CBS said it would retire his voice-over, but then changed its mind for the time being.

“We knew that, at some point, it would be time to transition,” Rick Kaplan, the executive producer of the “CBS Evening News,” said Monday. “The time was right.”

Mr. Kaplan said that Mr. Freeman recorded the new introduction on New Year’s Day.More…

Summer 2009, Geneva Lake, WI

Smartphone apps are displacing some search usage, and that will effect advertising revenues, though I see ads on many of my apps. Quite clearly, the tablet computers, once they move to second and third generations, will largely replace laptops, and perhaps slow the explosion of non-geographic apps on smart phones. Meanwhile, for people like me who spend a lot of time in non-urban areas, and some who do, the problems with reliable phone and data service due to coverage and overload, must be addressed by carriers, or the wireless market will stall. Google is positioning itself for the future, and it’s a chess game. Just my 2 cents.

January 2010

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