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Nimble Nomad 24

At first sight, the Nomad, build by Nimble Boats, Inc. of Odessa, FL, is likely to elicit such adjectives as cute, quaint and perhaps even impractical. But, owners are quick to extol its virtues as an alternative choice for boaters in search of a mini cruiser for exploring protected bays, small lakes, rivers and canals.

The Nomad is trailerable, dramatically expanding its cruising range and a feature taken advantage of by many owners who have enjoyed cruising from the Florida Keys to the Gulf Islands of British Columbia and places in between.

Noted yacht designer Ted Brewer who, in his long career, has designed everything form dinghies to three-masted schooners, designed the Nomad, which does not fit into any particular genre. In profile, the design has a mini tugboat appearance. Her hull form is somewhere between that of a flat bottom skiff and deadrise sharpie, and the layout, with forward, aft cockpits and walk-through passage between them, has some characteristics reminiscent of an English canal barge.

via Boat Reviews by Jack Hornor, N.A. – Grady-White Offshore 24.

ARGUMENTS PRO and CON (condensed)

(for the enactment of Congressional Term Limits)

List of Arguments in Favor :

1. Overwhelmingly, voters prefer term limits. (It’s their native commonsense!)

2. Term limits downgrades seniority, favors meritocracy.

3. Increases competition, encourages new challengers.

4. Builds a ‘citizen’ Congress, drives out career politicians.

5. Breaks ties to special interests.

6. Improves tendency to vote on principle.

7. Introduces fresh thinking, new ideas, eliminates ‘old bulls’.

8. Reduces power of staff, bureaucracy, lobbies.

9. It will create a natural reduction in wasteful federal spending.

10. Encourages lower taxes, smaller government, greater voter participation in elections.

11. There are more reasons in favor of term limits than reasons against.

12. Gets reelection rates back to near 50%, versus the current 99%. (Founders called it “rotation in office”)

List of Arguments Opposed :

1. Terminates the good politicians along with the bad.

2. Instead of term limits, a reform of Congress’ procedures would be easier.

3. Reduces range of voter choice.

4. Loss of knowledge and experience.

5. Increases the power of staff, lobbies, and bureaucracy.

via Term Limits Arguments Pro and con.

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