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Many of us think Congressional incumbents should go — how could a new team do much worse for the country. Many think we need term limits, so we maintain a civilian Congress, responsive to its constituents, and not just the special interests. Some wonder why we need a Senate at all — when they just cancel out much of what the House does. Some think we’ve reached a time when one person/one vote becomes the rule of the day, and the antique Electoral College should go, so we can actually have a democracy in America. Some think it’s time to redo gerrymandered Congressional districts into blocks that reflect the natural distribution of voters, and not artificial partisan conclaves. How do we get the Congress to work for the people, and not build lifetime empires for themselves? If we don’t want a 21st century iteration of the French Revolution — maybe it’s high time we had a Constitutional Convention, to bring the operation and functionality of the Congress and our entire Federal government into line with what it takes to make our republic function as the democracy most Americans want.

March 2010

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