Paul Wolfowitz
Vanity Fair interview
May 28, 2003
For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction (as justification for invading Iraq) because it was the one reason everyone could agree on.

Lt. Gen. James Conway, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force
Press Interview
May 30, 2003
It was a surprise to me then  it remains a surprise to me now  that we have not uncovered weapons, as you say, in some of the forward dispersal sites. Believe me, it’s not for lack of trying. We’ve been to virtually every ammunition supply point between the Kuwaiti border and Baghdad, but they’re simply not there.

War is a primitive, repulsive business. Why would reasonable people have tried so hard to talk themselves into getting in it, instead of launching into it only as a very last resort? Perhaps, because they weren’t such “reasonable” people.