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Conclusion of a current, fact-filled, point/counterpoint article running in by David Corn, former Washington Editor of The Nation

“But I do presume that our elected leaders — and their aides — will hold a rigorous regard for the truth, particularly when the issue is war. The bottom line is undeniable: Bush and Cheney repeatedly issued false statements to guide the nation to war, and they made no concerted efforts to guarantee that they were providing the public with the most realistic depiction of the threat. They were not interested in an honest debate; they wanted war.”

I was once supporting the company president at an automobile dealer grand opening. The dealer had rented a circular life-size flying saucer, and retained Miss America, wearing her trade-mark bathing suit and sash, for the event. We brought a furry animal suit, which represented the company mascot, and was worn by my assistant that day. Waiting inside the stiffling hot saucer with the two of them, I had to restrain my “overheated” mascot from repeatedly hugging Miss America, before we lowered the stairs for them to step out for the ribbon cutting.

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March 2010

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