I’m no expert on immigration issues, but I’m inclined to agree with the writer below. Except for the narcotics smugglers, enforcing employer restrictions regarding hiring “illegals” is an overlooked part of the answer. Then, if an illegal immigrant wants to become a legal one, let them contact the government and begin the same process that generations of immigrants before them have followed. Of course, it’s more complicated than this: I myself had my wife’s identity as my heir changed on a 401K account by someone being hired using a false SSN.

“The 5000 pound gorilla in the room is the “illegal employer” aspect of this very real problem.

“While all the right wingers are busy parroting their meme “The federal government (i.e., Obama)isn’t doing their job!” they seem to be ignorant of all the laws, federal and state, that are not being enforced on the state and local levels. These laws have always included very clear restrictions against HIRING undocumented workers.

‘Then in 2008 Bush signed E-Verify into law, which requires employers to use a simple federal government internet link to verify that their employees or applicants’ papers/SSAN are legal. Less than 6% of our fine American employers have done so.

“A few years ago (I think it was 2007) the state of Arizona passed a law requiring that EMPLOYERS can have their businesses dissolved if convicted of hiring illegals. So far, less than 1% of all Arizona businesses have even registered.

“We need to change the direction of this dialogue, and do it FAST. Every time we hear “illegal immigrant”, we should counter it with the above.”

via If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem – Readers’ Comments – NYTimes.com.