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Hasn’t the media been totally irresponsible regarding the Times Square incident, giving detailed instructions on the air on how to find hidden VIN numbers and set up propane tanks on slow leak so they’ll blow more easily, and then going on and on about how stupid and inept the terrorist was — enough to irk any variety of off-center types to give it another, perhaps more effective try. Why feed the warped imaginations of frustrated would-be terrorists, not to mention goosing the egos of those clever and evil enough to do something terrible. Oh, that’s right, sensationalism at all costs is good for ratings. Welcome to another century of mayhem and “if it bleeds, it leads” journalism.

Yesterday morning, I took the train into Chicago to help oversee some plumbing at our apartment, so my wife could go to her office. With time to kill, I picked up the week’s worth of Chicago Tribune’s from the kitchen table, and soon had a revelation. I was enjoying scanning the full range of news and opinion, as I once had done every day, until I retired and began spending most of my time at our place in the woods in Wisconsin, where the nearest store with newspapers is 2 miles down the road.

So I’d open my laptop every am and real Google News or go to various websites and blogs where I knew I’d find things that interest me. But I was missing the full gamut of the news and opinion– what you find in a good-to-great daily newspaper. Lesson learned! From now on, whenever I get to the grocery or gas station, I’ll pick up a major market newspaper to scan, broaden my perspective, and enjoy doing it. Newspapers are back in my life!

P.S. And magazines, too. Save Newsweek — it’s better quality content than ever. And I still subscribe to Fortune, the Economist, The New Yorker and Popular Science. My wife likes Mother Jones, too, and I think she’s got a point. As for news on the web — of course!

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