Yesterday morning, I took the train into Chicago to help oversee some plumbing at our apartment, so my wife could go to her office. With time to kill, I picked up the week’s worth of Chicago Tribune’s from the kitchen table, and soon had a revelation. I was enjoying scanning the full range of news and opinion, as I once had done every day, until I retired and began spending most of my time at our place in the woods in Wisconsin, where the nearest store with newspapers is 2 miles down the road.

So I’d open my laptop every am and real Google News or go to various websites and blogs where I knew I’d find things that interest me. But I was missing the full gamut of the news and opinion– what you find in a good-to-great daily newspaper. Lesson learned! From now on, whenever I get to the grocery or gas station, I’ll pick up a major market newspaper to scan, broaden my perspective, and enjoy doing it. Newspapers are back in my life!

P.S. And magazines, too. Save Newsweek — it’s better quality content than ever. And I still subscribe to Fortune, the Economist, The New Yorker and Popular Science. My wife likes Mother Jones, too, and I think she’s got a point. As for news on the web — of course!