In an odd bit of contextual irony, I found myself commenting on the consequences of the BP Gulf oil spill on a Chicago investor radio program this morning, after last night watching the DVD called Diamonds Are Forever, the 1971 James Bond film about a diamond smuggling operation that gets tied into a terrorist-run operation aboard an oil rig off Baja, which is blasted into oblivion by the CIA as the British Secret Service celebrates.

No terrorist plot theories from me regarding the current BP platform disaster, as a plume of oil from an undersea cavern the size of Mount Everest threatens to pollute the entire Gulf from the site of the stricken rig.

Going forward from this, will new offshore oil drilling have a future in the U.S.? I doubt it. Will the U.S. therefore be more dependent than ever on foreign oil? Probably. And will the American economy, ecology and culture be negatively effected for years as a consequence of the BP spill? Undoubtably. Will some terrorist organizations be happy about all this? Why not?