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Denver Man Survives Cliff Plunge – Drops 500 Feet in Toyota
By Jess Snow
Jul 10, 2010

A man in Colorado has survived a near 500-foot plunge off a cliff in his Toyota. A report from the Associated Press reveals police believe the man may have been drinking when he lost control and went over a cliff on a slick road, a crash that could have been fatal.

Denver Man Survives Cliff Plunge – Drops 500 Feet!

They are now investigating and say the man is in good condition after the harrowing plunge.

Police say his seat belt saved his life. Trooper Jonathan Silver says Buckner’s 1990 Toyota hatchback was “pretty mangled,” but thanks to the fact that he was restrained by his seat belt, he was able to survive inside the 20-year old car.


Silver says Buckner was driving on slick roads through a mountain pass when the accident happened.

According to the Denver Post the Colorado State Patrol said Anthoney L. Buckner seemed to be in “amazingly good condition” after rescuers pulled him up from the crash site earlier this week.

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