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With both the Democratic and Republican parties and all of Congress receiving such negative views from the public, the idea of an independent party that could represent the frustrated masses is gaining currency. Of course leaders who can attract the great center, plus moderates on the left and right, are needed. What is also needed is a new, more democratic way of electing our Presidents, without the clod-awful Electoral College waiting in the wings to throw a vote into the House of Representatives.

To get a clear understanding ing of these issues, and what could be done about it, see my insightful (yes, it is) essay on the subject, called “One Collage Too Many.” I presented it to the members of the Chicago Literary Club on election eve, 2008, as Barack Obama was about to become our newest President. The National Popular Vote movement (check it out online) which it discusses, has been gaining ground since then, as an alternative to a Constitutional Amendment to get rid of the electoral College.

You can find my essay at, then go to Roll of Members, click E, then go to Charles Ebeling and click on “One Collage Too Many.” There you will find our past and future reconciled, if only the people would speak up!

August 2010

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