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Back in the mid-70s, I visited my old boss from Toyota, who was now President of Rolls Royce of Beverly Hills. Tony was as British as the cars he was selling, and he took me through the service center, where the owners of the stately and colorful Rolls and Bentleys parked in their service stalls read like the list of nominees on Oscar night. Tony suggested that the median income of a new Rolls owner was in the $350,000 per annum range (what must that be now — 35 years later?}. He told me of customers who would pay for their car with a paper bag full of cash, or the client who had just bought a new white Corniche for his mistress, when his wife appeared at the dealership and said, “I’ll have one of those, too.”

I was reminded of that fascinating visit when I ran across a small stack of Rolls brochures, new and fresh as the day Tony had handed them to me as we left the dealership to step out for a drink. That’s as close as I’ve come to having a Rolls of my own in those 35 years, but there’s always tomorrow…

September 2010

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