December 7, 1941, is a date that rings in infamy, indeed. But the Japanese were busy elsewhere, in China, with butchery that is numbing to read. When we were in Shanghai recently, we stayed at a beautiful new Peninsula Hotel, right across the stream from the former occupying HQ of the Japanese.While young Chinese, like our guides, go shopping in Tokyo, their parents remember, and still have fond memories of the Americans, who helped them out before and during WWII.

The awful atrocities committed during the Nanking Massacre have been ignored and scarcely mentioned. I believe it is important that people hear and learn about what happened. Everyone knows about the Nazi Holocaust, but few know about the murders during the Japanese occupation, when more than 13 million Chinese civilians died. Everything here is true. If this topic interests you, more information can be found at these two addresses:…t/njmassac/nmintro.htm, and http://www.arts.cuhk.h…jingMassacre/NMNJ.html. Please consider including these addresses on your own page of links.