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In today’s era of media fragmentation, there are two cultural anchors that can help us remember that we still have a rich heritage in the arts and long-form electronic news and information in America, and it the Public Broadcasting Service on TV and National Public Radio on the air waves. On radio, driving between Geneva Lake and Chicago, and elsewhere, the two stations I listen to most are the local NPR stations and CNN on cable radio. On TV, I watch with joy the local and national programming on the Milwaukee and Chicago PBS stations. We’ve supported them periodically, both personally and through businesses, over the years. PBS is often o a quality par with the BBC, which is saying a lot. You can find petitions online to support opposition to some political conservatives, who seem to think that the way to save a few bucks is to cancel American broadcasting’s cultural heritage. For the price of keeping a few of the scores of battalions of overseas troups who prop up a perpetual American occupation in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, these towers of American culture could remain secure, and help continuation of their unique contribution to our way of life.

February 2011

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