I’m less and less partisan politically, because neither major party is faithful to my beliefs and interests, but I do have the following gut reaction to the national fiscal proposals now taking shape.

I’ve met and talked with Paul Ryan, and I like him, but he has apparently adopted the stance that we can slash and implode entitlements while we preserve the tax incentives and advantages of the rich and circle the wagons on defense. That’s an oversimplification, but in my view a formula for social upheaval, at the very time the little people of this country are being increasingly stomped under the feet of the wealthy and powerful. As we’ve recently seen in North Africa, a social spark can lead to a bonfire.

Something called the French Revolution sprang from such a scenario, and while I don’t see heads rolling here, I do think the economic unbalances in our American society are taking us rapidly down a road toward social instability, and then, everyone loses.