How to save money and create jobs Mr. Obama and Congress?

First, bring home tens of thousands of military troops, both from our active war fronts and from over-staffed bases in Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea. Save billions of the dollars now going overseas that supports them in their pointless current military missions.

Next, either reassign or rehire many of those soldiers as the initial core of a new jobs corps to go to work on rebuilding the failing infrastructure of this country. They have the leadership and discipline and ability to get the job started. Money spent by them will stay in the U.S. Contract private enterprise to create more jobs by providing expertise, equipment and supplies to build bridges, repair roads, restore urban infrastructure, airports and so on. Offer America’s youth who can’t afford college right now, and other unemployed people the opportunity to join the job corps, learn skills and serve the nation.

Mr. President and Congress, the time to start building a Job corps, and relieving a combat corps is — yesterday!