Seems like a silly question — how could something so absolutely state-of-the-art as the about-to-be-announced IPhone 5 not WORK?

Well, I’ve had an IPhone 3GS for a couple of years, and thanks to AT&T, it hasn’t worked very well, and sometimes not at all where I spend most of my time, at our house just south of Lake Geneva, WI. The service here is spotty at best, and despite the flat land and proximity to Chicago, there are many areas up here where the phone is dead, sometimes including my house. Guess AT&T is too cheap to lease enough antennas, or band width or something.

My contract with AT&T is now up, and I was looking forward to getting a new IPhone 5 and switching service to Verizon, but now I’m a little confused, as I hear Sprint may well be added by Apple, and friends here and about tell me Sprint service is great in southern Wisconsin, as well as Chicago. So, I’ll check the rate structure and internet comments on both Verizon and Sprint before deciding. An IPhone is a bit of a luxury for a retired person like myself, who is likely to use the data service for apps much more often than the phone itself.

I don’t get many calls on my cell, because there’s not much that’s urgent enough in my life to justify a cell call. So, I have my phone set to quack like a duck when a call comes in. That infrequent “quack” recently became disconcerting when my wife called me while I was at a dinner reception with the president of my alma mater, Bradley University. I’d left the phone in my briefcase, which was leaning against a wall behind her, as she gave after dinner remarks from a podium. A few minutes into her talk, the briefcase began softly quacking. She bravely went on, and I never admitted it was my phone, except in a sheepish note I sent her later. Anyway, this is sounding too much like an Andy Rooney monologue, so I’ll sign off, and look forward to a new IPhone 5, one that will “quack” wherever I happen to be located.