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Read my major essay, “One Collage Too Many,” on the history ¬†the Electoral College has been part of, and the trouble it has and will cause if it is not eliminated from the U.S. Presidential election process. The Electoral College has been trouble since its beginnings, as Thomas Jefferson recognized, and will again threaten our democracy if it is not changed. Read why and how at:

My major essay on the history of the French Fry, called “French Fried: From Monticello to the Moon,” is full of the lore of the French Fry and its complex and fascinating historical and cultural background. ¬†McDonald’s unique relationship to the French Fry is highlighted. You can find the essay at:–%20French%20Fried.htm

My major essay titled “Acceleration” tells the inside story of Toyota’s early acceleration and growth in the U.S. market, from the 50s through the 70s. Learn why and how Toyota was accepted by Americans as an alternative to U.S.-built cars. The U.S. auto industry has now learned how to be competitive at home, and is doing better and better all the time, while established offshore brands like Toyota are often now built here, or offer features, design and value that appeals to American tastes.

Read my essay at:–%20Acceleration.htm

October 2011

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