That’s right, your vote in the November Presidential election probably won’t count if you vote in Illinois or Wisconsin!


Because the archaic Electoral College is where the President is really elected, and because of the College’s “winner-take-all” voting system,  the states that are reliably liberal or conservative are already in the bag for the respective candidates. That leaves the current nine battleground swing states, where the election could go either way, to determine our next President.

If you live in Illinois or Wisconsin, you do not, at this writing,  live in one of those crucial swing states that will almost certainly determine the next President. If you lived in CO, FL, NC, NH, NE, OH, PA, or VA, that’s where the candidates will focus their campaign appearances and spending. This could change before the election, but it probably won’t.

It’s too late to change the system before this Novermber’s election, but not before the next one. Google National Popular Vote for a discussion of how and why this is so, and what YOU can do about it. Make a difference for the future. Bring democracy back to America, while there is still time. You can matter, if you take action.