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I drove by the shore at Fontana on Lake Geneva just past dawn the other day, and out of the mist, two paddle boarders appeared, coming in off the lake, greeted by a fellow on the dock with his dog. It was 24 degrees — pretty cool for late October — and so the air was colder than the water. Our local paper, the Lake Geneva Regional News, ran the photo this week in color.

Contemplating Lunch?

A lion we encountered on the plain of the Maasai Mara several years ago. He seemed to be contemplating lunch — either the one he had just enjoyed, or the one he was about to find. Obviously, we weren’t it that day. While it looks like a nice little kitty, this specimen probably weighed in at 150 to 200. And yes, we got this close, but in a Land Rover with a savvy guide and driver.


Bob Sanders, a Chicago upbeat talk radio legend, of the Bob And Betty Sanders Show, passed away today. He will be greatly missed by his old fans and friends, and our condolences to his wife and radio partner Betty. I’ve been privileged to be part of a regular discussion group at Lake Geneva aptly called The Sanders Session, which was created by Betty for Bob as his health declined. Bob hasn’t been able to attend for some time, but the spirit of lively conversation that he and Betty made famous on daily Chicago radio from 1968 to 1983, lives on. See More
Change of Subject: Bob and Betty — an update
Bob of the legendary Chicago radio team of Bob and Betty Sanders team checked in via e-mail the other day. The husband and wife team were a midday fixture on WBBM-AM 780 from 1968 to 1983.

Congress shouldn’t be in a fight about whether to fund the U.S. government, closing it down in the process, but better in a fight over how much (a budget) and for which things (an agenda). In Australia, they have a solution when both houses are deadlocked, and it’s called double dissolution. In such a circumstance, their Congress is dissolved and a new election is held. What we need in the U.S. is a new Congress, because the one we have in stalemated and inoperative. By the way, why are they getting paid now? Oh, that’s right, they make the rules. We’re about ready for a quiet, non-fatal version of the French Revolution. In fact, France has peacefully replaced their entire government six times since the real revolution. Wouldn’t that be a “revolutionary” concept for our loggerheaded Congress to consider?

Just watched the 1996 sci-fi spoof, Mars Attacks, and after the Martian ambassador appears before Congress, then turns the tables and kills them all with his ray gun, the film’s star, Jack Nicholson, consoles his staff with the optimistic comment, “Well, we’ve still got two branches of government, and that ain’t bad!”

Where are the Martians when we need ’em?

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