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P1010075I grew up in an age of portholes on graceful boats and yachts. They were beauty personified. They reflected an appreciation for elegance and style and a clean interface with the vicissitudes of nature. Like the Turkish royal yacht above or my own little trawler of recent years below, yachts with portholes were the only way to go. In my log, they still are.

But today’s ultra-modern yachts sport giant picture windows, both horizontal and vertical, punctuating their hulls. Some even have decks that fold out sideways like balconies and terraces. And upright bows and vertical lines that seem to sit upon the sea like stacked boxes rather than the sleek lines of good, classical nautical design that is one with the sea.

What these absurdities reflect, to my mind, is a growing inwardness in modern well-to-doers — viewing the world not as part of nature but as part of self, not looking out at the beautiful world but in. They care more about their personal “space” than they do about connections with the waters and land around them. It is, in effect, a degrading of man’s connection with the sea.

The result is distressingly ugly, fractured and disassociating. I won’t even show pictures of these “yachts” of today, because I can’t stand them. YACHTING Magazine, a long-time favorite of mine, is now chock full of these monstrosities. Are the “end days of yachting” upon us. I hope not.


Just sold the SeaBell this morning to a fellow who will cruise her on the Illinois River, who fell in love with the Nimble Nomad boat while chartering one recently for a cruise on the Erie Canal.

of the pocket trawler SeaBell, now for sale at Geneva Lake, WI. Complete, ready to go, trailer included. Contact me for details.

No need to invest six figures to own a bristol condition small trawler yacht, known as a pocket trawler. For the price of an open boat own a little yacht. The SeaBell was built by Nimble and is a 1995 Nomad model. Just under 25 feet, easy maintenance fiberglass with wood trim. For more info on these character boats, Google Nimble Nomad.

Newly available, ready to go, detailed and in excellent condition. Has 50 hp, four-cycle Honda engine with very low hours, mobile with custom two-axle trailer, fully equipped. Ideal for cruising, fishing or just lolling on lakes, rivers or inland waterways. Quiet, slow (8mph), comfortable, economical on gas. Perfect for single handing, a couple or small family. Day trips or live aboard. Swim ladder, anchor, lots of opening windows and hatches, stainless fittings and even bronze port holes.

Full galley w/running water, electric stove and frig., standing enclosed head, dining table seats 4 and converts to double bunk, lounge/bunk, captain and mate chairs, full instrumentation, 6’3″ headroom, built-in seating in safe bow and stern cockpits, signal mast, etc, etc. Call 262-275-3907 or respond to this posting. Located at Geneva Lake, WI.

January 2023

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