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Swimming after Spindrift sparking water

This is the best I’ve had of all the new sparkling waters, made with real fruit and no added sugars, great tasting and refreshing. Introduced to me by Teri Turner of

It’s CBS Sunday Morning, with no close second in my book. Great relevant variety, high production values, laughs, tears and learning something — what more could one want over lazy Sunday coffee, with the snow blowing outside and the cats hovering around the couch?

Try a sample:

In an odd bit of contextual irony, I found myself commenting on the consequences of the BP Gulf oil spill on a Chicago investor radio program this morning, after last night watching the DVD called Diamonds Are Forever, the 1971 James Bond film about a diamond smuggling operation that gets tied into a terrorist-run operation aboard an oil rig off Baja, which is blasted into oblivion by the CIA as the British Secret Service celebrates.

No terrorist plot theories from me regarding the current BP platform disaster, as a plume of oil from an undersea cavern the size of Mount Everest threatens to pollute the entire Gulf from the site of the stricken rig.

Going forward from this, will new offshore oil drilling have a future in the U.S.? I doubt it. Will the U.S. therefore be more dependent than ever on foreign oil? Probably. And will the American economy, ecology and culture be negatively effected for years as a consequence of the BP spill? Undoubtably. Will some terrorist organizations be happy about all this? Why not?

The Secret Behind Microsoft’s Mysterious Seinfeld Ads Revealed!

News media, especially television, has long been critiqued for putting too much emphasis on sensationalism, hence the adage, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Toyota’s accelerator problem and ex-Congressman Massa’s “snorkeling” reputation prove the adage is alive.

Yes, many Toyota owners have reason for concern, and the media is treating the Toyota accelerator issue, incident by incident, as if the very act of driving a car is a major risk in modern life. Yet, less than 2% of auto accidents are equipment related, while 95% are driver caused. Sure, we hear about the dangers of texting while driving, but with nowhere near the continuing cacophony of media blasting on Toyota’s problems. Drunk driving gets some attention, but nothing equal to an annual U.S. death toll that exceeds total deaths to date in Iraq by five times.

Talking about Massa, the media seem determined to delve into every aspect of his personality quirks and sexual dallying, while they ignored all but the rant when retiring Congressman Kennedy complained on the floor of Congress over the media’s indifference to the Congress’s first debate since 2001 on whether to stay in Afghanistan. The upshot of the 3-hour debate was a vote of 356-65 to stay in Afganistan. I had to dig out that info on the internet, because the media didn’t think it was worth covering a Congressional debate related to a war that has cost a thousand lives and cost hundreds of billions of dollars, to date. Sure, you can watch Congress debate on C-Span, but who’s watching. The old networks and cable meanwhile target their infotainment empires on relatively minor, yet sensational issues while “Rome burns,” in relation to vastly more important issues.

Maybe our media’s values are no more distorted than those of some Americans, but their oversight of the real issues is grossly distorted and irresponsible. Much of the news media no longer deserves the protections offered them under the Constitution. That’s a level of condemnation they should think about. Many news people should be embarrassed by their fellow “professionals.”

What a great rockin’ performance, at the Apollo Theatre in Chi till it goes to Braodway in March. Story of rock greats Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis in their one memorable gathering at Sun Records in 1956, and the musicianship is fantastic, as is the story. If you haven’t seen, don’t miss it. Reminded me of the early days of McDonald’s, too.

December 2022

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