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The current conflict between Palestine and Israel has led to substantially unprecedented video news coverage, because of the massive presence of news media on BOTH sides of the conflict.

During Vietnam, and even Iraq and Afghanistan, we didn’t have as extensive and close-up video coverage of civilian impact of the carnage. When our drones hit a target, we get some, but little video of the actual human consequences.

Back in Vietnam, the Vietnamese lost close to 2 million people, and we saw just a little of that magnitude. Regardless of the pros and cons, politically, or the Israel/Palestine issue, viewers around the world are aghast at the carnage they see. Will this have any effect upon the outcome? Only time will tell, but the world can less than ever before escape the real time impact of the hell that is war.



I drove by the shore at Fontana on Lake Geneva just past dawn the other day, and out of the mist, two paddle boarders appeared, coming in off the lake, greeted by a fellow on the dock with his dog. It was 24 degrees — pretty cool for late October — and so the air was colder than the water. Our local paper, the Lake Geneva Regional News, ran the photo this week in color.



Better known as Mount Kenya, it is the highest mountain in Africa. We camped at the base, on the equater, several years ago, and took this photo of a recumbent lion as our safari moved on.

Well, I’d thought the Chicago Sun-Times was a newspaper, if not a very good one at that. Now they are not, as they have fired their entire 20-person photography department saying they need to produce more video! (see story link below)

I love journalism, and was trained as a journalist, and have even taught it at the college le level. I also love the internet, and use it to stay in touch. While I can’t get direct delivery of a newspaper, I subscribe to the Chicago Tribune digitally, and see it in its print form on the screen, and can dive in and blow up stories and photos easily. Same with the New Yorker and the Economist and the Wall Street Journal.

The Sun-Times? Trash, even digitally.

Chicago Sun-Times lays off its photo staff
The Chicago Sun-Times has laid off its entire photography staff, and plans to use freelance photographers going forward, the newspaper said.

The Fontana Frog, long the most recognized but neglected community symbol in Fontana, Wisconsin, at the west end of Geneva Lake, has been newly replastered¬†and painted, restoring the original luster of this roadside wonder that once graced a now-abandoned miniature golf course¬†on the road into the village. “Ribbit, Ribbit!”

January 2023

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