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Yes, the Daily Show is off the air on DirecTV because Viacom wants a Billion dollars to renew. I just went to and sent them this email. If you care about justice and the American Way, and want back your Daily Show, suggest you and your friends let Viacom know whee you stand:

“Settle with DirecTV and bring back the Daily Show. Creating an audience for a great show, the only real critical, honest and funny news show on TV, was a wonderful thing. Taking it away from loyal viewers like us is unforgivable. Please fix this ASAP. I’m a retired VP of Communications for a Dow Jones Industrial, and I’ll devote my efforts to influencing the reputation of Viacom in accordance with your actions in this regard until you fix this mess. Thank you for understanding. Americans don’t like your extortion of DirecTV, or anyone else for that matter”

That’s right, DirecTV and Comedy Central have broken off negotiations over renewing their 7 year-old contract, over money, and so viewers of the Daily Show, the funniest, best and just about only candid and honest political TV news show on the air, will no longer get the program if they subscribe to DirecTV, like we do in Wisconsin.

If you, or someone you know and like, subscribes to DirecTV, or has any mercy on those who do, go online NOW to DirecTV and Comedy Central and tell them to grow up and settle their differences, or we’ll just have to sit out this election!

February 2023

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