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— federal financing for national elections
— reform or end zone the distorting Electoral College
— initiate term limits for President (one 6-year term); two terms for Congress and Senate
— align retirement and medical benefits of Congress with private sector
— require Senators and Congressmen to live and work full time in D.C.

All the debate and calls for term limits in Congress prompts me to tell my story about the successful application of term limits to organizational health.

Last night, I attended a reception for myself and a fellow retiring board member of an environmental not-for-profit, the Geneva Lake Conservancy. When I chaired the group, six years ago, I urged the board to adopt term limits, in order to promote refreshing and diversifying the board on a regular basis. We phased in term limits. Over the past three months, knowing these “retirements” wee pending, we were stimulated to identify new board members, and now six have been voted in — our largest freshman class of new board members since the founding of the organization. I’ll continue to volunteer on a couple of committees and be available to help on an ad hoc basis, as will my fellow retiring board member. Now the organization will go forward, refreshed and I hope stronger than ever.

That’s what we need in Congress, too!

July 2022

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