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— federal financing for national elections
— reform or end zone the distorting Electoral College
— initiate term limits for President (one 6-year term); two terms for Congress and Senate
— align retirement and medical benefits of Congress with private sector
— require Senators and Congressmen to live and work full time in D.C.

In Michigan, Romney beat Santonum in the Republican primary by more than 30,000 votes, yet the delegates assigned to each was 15/15 — that’s gerrymandering.

In the Presidential campaign of 2000, Bush lost to Gore by more than 500,000 votes nationally – the population of Milwaukee. Yet Bush won in the antiquated Electoral College. That’s gerrymandering.

Why do we have gerrymandering? Politicians.

How do we restore one person/one vote democracy? Demand better of our politicians, NOW, before it’s too late.

Read my major essay, “One Collage Too Many,” on the history ┬áthe Electoral College has been part of, and the trouble it has and will cause if it is not eliminated from the U.S. Presidential election process. The Electoral College has been trouble since its beginnings, as Thomas Jefferson recognized, and will again threaten our democracy if it is not changed. Read why and how at:

December 2022

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