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Here’s part of an intelligence report from Scott Hume of, who says this test “pub” burger can be found at the McDonald’s in Geneva, IL too:

“Continuing the globalization of its menu, McDonald’s is testing a sandwich it is marketing as an English Pub Burger. On the menu in Algonquin, IL., the burger was first reported by the blog Within the Empier.

“Essentially, the English Pub Burger is a tarted up Angus Third Pounder burger, to borrow a saucy English expression. The top-heavy build includes the 1/3-lb. Angus beef patty plus hickory-smoked bacon, white Cheddar and American cheeses, grilled onions, steak sauce and smoky Dijon mustard sauce on an “artisan roll” that differs from the current Angus bun.

“The English Pub Burger is priced the same as Angus Third Pounders: $4.49 for the a la carte sandwich,$6.49 for the meal with fries and beverage.

“Marketing material promises “It’s so tasty, you’ll be gobsmacked” and provides a translation of the British idiom as “astonished or astounded.” “

A professor from a midwestern college suggested to me that Harvard University trademarked the word “Hahvahd” (see my previous blog, and see because they wanted to protect themselves from its inappropriate use. If so, how pretentious is that?

P.S. My wife is watching “Social Network” as we speak.

P.P.S. Some years ago, I prepared a presentation on McDonald’s marketing strategies at the request of the Harvard Graduate School of Business, and accompanied our CMO to campus to make the presentation and handle student Q&A. True, McDonald’s isn’t rocket science, but there was more than a little interest in how a hamburger was grown into a Dow Jones 30 global organization.

P.P.P.S. Not everything is invented at Harvard.

P.P.P.P.S. Now I’ll probably get some comments on McDonald’s trademarks.

P.P.P.P.P.S. I don’t care, I’m retired.

January 2023

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