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In Michigan, Romney beat Santonum in the Republican primary by more than 30,000 votes, yet the delegates assigned to each was 15/15 — that’s gerrymandering.

In the Presidential campaign of 2000, Bush lost to Gore by more than 500,000 votes nationally – the population of Milwaukee. Yet Bush won in the antiquated Electoral College. That’s gerrymandering.

Why do we have gerrymandering? Politicians.

How do we restore one person/one vote democracy? Demand better of our politicians, NOW, before it’s too late.

Visited Saugatuck, MI this week and saw the berthed Keewatin lake steamer, a 350 foot behemoth built at Greenock, Scotland in 1907, and which serviced the Great Lakes until its retirement in 1965. Today it’s a museum you can visit and tour, with much of its interior restored to original appearance. What a treat!
An hour North, at Muskegon, is docked the Milwaukee Clipper, aother 361 foot behemoth, built in 1904 as the luxury lake liner Juniata, and rebuilt as a modern passenger car ferry in 1941, transporting vacationers across the lake until 1970, but today she floats only partially restored after funds ran out. The high-speed catamaran Lake Express berths across the way, and now serves to shuttle cars and visitors between Milwaukee and Muskegon. We sailed her for the first time, westbound, on Wednesday. Comfortable, quiet and fast.

July 2022

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