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Ran across the item below on the launch of FM radio, and now I understand the etymology of why FM stations are where one finds classical music stations, though we all know FM broadcasts are clearer and have less crackle than AM stations, where we typically find sports and news. When I was a student at the University of Chicago, my grand parents bought me my first new car, a red VW Beatle. It was the early 60s and most people had AM car radios, but I pleaded for them to  allow me to have an FM/AM model, because I wanted to listen to jazz and classical music while commuting to and from class. That  upgrade also upgraded the quality of my life. Thanks, FM, and grand parents, too.

“It was on this day in 1935 that listeners first heard FM radio, when the American inventor Edwin Howard Armstrong gave a demonstration in Alpine, New Jersey. Armstrong demonstrated the clarity of FM compared to AM radio by playing classical music and the sound of water being poured.”

The answer appears to be yes, NPR is being railroaded in front of Congress and the American people, by conservative operatives and a suspiciously cooperative corporate news media, and the content research of NPR broadcasts shows no liberal bias. Is there an agenda in all this? Oh, yes.

Here’s the new article that explains what is going on:

All this talk about killing National Public Radio gives me the shivers. I listen almost exclusively to NPR when I drive, and it keeps me sane shuttling back and forth from Wisconsin to Chicago, and running errands, and on motor trips. From the news on Morning Edition and All Things Considered, to the stimulating interviews on Fresh Air, to the zany humor of Car Talk or Wait, Wait — Don’t Tell Me, to the insights of An American Life and the Garrison Keilor homilies on A Prairie Home Companion to the soothing jazz piano of Marion McPartland — NPR is an important place of retreat in my life. It is one of , if not the last bastion of intelligence and culture on radio, and delightfully free of the political rantings and blaring music and dumb DJs found everywhere else on the radio dial. Save our sanity. Save NPR!

July 2022

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