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Gerrymandering (film)

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Here’s a new way to elect a President that doesn’t depend on either the Republican or Democratic parties. It’s called Americans elect 2012, and it’s a virtual election process that is legal and is beginning to gain supporters — a couple of millions already — across the nation. If you’re not hearing much about them on TV, at least yet, consider that they don’t buy advertising and don’t host endless debates, nor do they hold the White House.


If you are dissatisfied with both the Republicans and the Democrats, check this out online. It’s pretty cool, and who knows, it could catch fire.

The Senate is an anachronism, in that it is the most undemocratic institution in the U.S. federal government. With two senators from every state, from the smallest to the largest, it doesn’t represent people, it represents real estate.

In another example of its increasing fatal relationship with our democracy, the jobs bill passed last night, 50 to 49, but lost because the Senate, in its arcane rules, requires 60 votes for an issue to pass. Thus, the U.S. Senate voted against jobs for Americans. Not a single Republican voted for the jobs bill. They ate American jobs for dinner.

If we had an election for the Senate today, wonder how the American electorate would vote? See the Washington Post:

July 2022

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