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The archaic structure of the US. senate worked against the will of the vast majority of the American people yesterday when the Senate rejected legislation that would have required minimal background checks for purchasing a gun.

A 21st century democracy requires more of a Senate and Federal government than what we are getting.

Is it time for a new American government, one that is a 21st century evolution of our original American Revolution?

We need a government that reflects the popular vote, not the archaic Electoral College. We need a government with a Senate that reflects the population distribution in our country. We need a House of Representatives that is not gerrymandered to serve partisan political interests. We need a government where elections are federally funded and that rejects being purchased by special interests. We need term limits for Congress, to restore civilian rule of our country.

Our government is not doing its job. Both parties are failures. It’s time — we need a new government, a Constitutional convention, a re-invention of America.

The Senate is an anachronism, in that it is the most undemocratic institution in the U.S. federal government. With two senators from every state, from the smallest to the largest, it doesn’t represent people, it represents real estate.

In another example of its increasing fatal relationship with our democracy, the jobs bill passed last night, 50 to 49, but lost because the Senate, in its arcane rules, requires 60 votes for an issue to pass. Thus, the U.S. Senate voted against jobs for Americans. Not a single Republican voted for the jobs bill. They ate American jobs for dinner.

If we had an election for the Senate today, wonder how the American electorate would vote? See the Washington Post:

January 2023

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