No, I don’t really want a military draft (see previous post), something that hung like a scimitar over the necks of youth during the Vietnam era. But, as a country, we the people have our heads in the sand, as our government commits today’s youth and your money to foreign conflicts with no more hope of success than  achieved in Vietnam. Will we ever, ever learn?

It is one thing to defend against attack, or to take out terrorists, and all together another to occupy foreign lands where we are neither welcome nor have any chance of long-term success. The White House, and Congress, are obviously in the hands of the military/industrial complex. While I’ve held great hope for President Obama and some others in government, I must say that when elections are held, the best interest of most Americans will be best served by NOT voting for any incumbents.  I would sooner trust those with less political experience than those who have repeatedly sold out and compromised themselves, sometimes over many elected terms, to economic and organizational influences inconsistent with the wishes and best interest of their own electorates.

If we are to have a draft, let’s make every single young person, without exemption,  subject to a commitment to national service, either in the military or some other form of public service consistent with our needs and their skills and capabilities. That is one way to reclaim our democracy, and increase national awareness of the consequences of our leader’s decisions.