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Chuck at June 2014 filming of Piece of the Game collectable series
Photo post-filming of a segment of the fun sports memorabilia TV series on Fox and Comcast called “A Piece of the Game.” I discuss an original 1923 Green Bay Packers stock certificate from when my grandfather, a Green Bay druggist, invested in 2% of the Packer’s original offering. FYI, the stock is a community trust, and holds no cash value. For more info, go to http://www.apieceofthegame.TV



None of us want to go to war over this, but the Russians certainly are culpable for the shoot down of the Malasian passenger airliner over Ukraine, using their missile launcher and Russian-trained crew, even if it was some sick sort of mistake. So, no real, shooting war, but economic war seems to be called for, and the US and European nations and Malasia should coordinate to do so, now.

I think the Russians should pay the airline and the passengers families reparations, at the very least, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, or perhaps a billion or more. There MUST be accountability for the loss of so many innocent lives, and there MUST be ways to extract mandatory economic, if not social, revenge for this needless, vicious tragedy. And yes, revenge is the correct word.

July 2014

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