Our current two dominant political parties are too compromised. The story below is another example — in this case of indentured, so-called progressives setting us back while selling us out. And conservatives say, “There aren’t enough health care lifeboats, so let those who can’t afford it drown.” What can you do about it? Why not withhold your vote for ANY incumbent, unless they are a proven independent or reflect your own views. Seek out and encourage independent candidates. Argue for term limits — whatever we gain in experience with career politicians, we lose in their lost independence of action. Many elected officials are losing or have lost their ability to discern between their “representative” role and that of advocates for influence peddlers and major campaign donors advocating special interests at odds with your interests. Under current election laws, most seem to be helpless to becoming increasingly influenced by such special interest major donors in the pharma, insurance, banking and other industries who play them for non-democratic advantage. Speak out. Don’t settle. (Senate Dems Protect Big Pharma « The Washington Independent.