Back in 2004 or so, I had an HP computer I was about to throw out the window or shoot with my self defense weapon, so in a last gasp of frustration, I wrote an email to Carly Fiorina, and indeed things happened. I described the incident to a friend, who was also having some problems with HP hardware,  in the following message a few years later: : I have a recent and relaible HP 7180 All-In-One, have had no problems to date, but will keep this strategy in mind, as it could do double duty one day, in relieving the sort of stress and exasperation we’ve all known, while creating a much needed excuse for some target practice with our heavier-duty house protection equipment. A few years ago, when I was having trouble getting satisfaction regarding an HP computer crash, I contacted Carly Fiorena, then CEO, and indicated I had been media relations officer for McDonald’s, perhaps an HP client of some standing, and I was soon contacted by the hardware person in Europe that headed that particular field of technology for HP. On reflection, clout is perhaps more salient than weaponry.